Leslie offers consulting services related to gender and other equity goals in urban planning, transportation, housing, public space, and safety. If you’re interested in engaging Leslie as a consultant on a project, please use the contact page to get in touch.

consulting experience

LA Metro Gender Action Project, July 2021-August 2022. Gender specialist consulting on gender equity goals, best practices, community consultations, and gender analysis.

E-Scooter Gender Equity Commission, Spring 2022. Commission member reviewing research with women in the UK on issues of e-scooter access, safety, equity, and usability for Voi E-scooters, Women in Transport UK, and JFG Communications.

Sants Train Station Barcelona Reconstruction, June 2021. Consultation for Spora Sinergies SCCL on gender planning methodologies and issues of security, mobility, and accessibility.

Citizens Housing and Planning Council New York, February 2021. Consultation and public presentation on “What the F is a Feminist Housing Plan?”

Equitable Spaces Los Angeles Project, July 2020. Invited expert in group convened by C. Hawthorne, Chief Design Officer, City of Los Angeles, to discuss building more equitable spaces and share recommendations with Mayor Garcetti.

PTV (Planung Transport Verkehr) Group, December 2020. Invited expert for PTV’s Women and Mobility: Should Transit Be Different? webinar.

Please note: I now charge GST/HST (sales tax) on all services. For Canadian residents, the rate matches your province of residence. For US and international residents, the tax rate is 0%.


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